Animal Eyes Books Coming Soon!

Animal Eyes Books

Of the top 100 books from
an animal’s point of view,
except for a limited but still familiar few,
all were the voices of animals we knew.
They were of bunnies and mice (not shrew),
of dogs and cats (there were a slew),
and many you might find at a farm or a zoo.
But I’m interested in the very unique ones too,
wonders from all over the world, aren’t you?

With over 64,000 known living animals in the same category as humans that, like us, are often silly, funny, beautiful, and engaging, wouldn’t it be great to introduce children to more of them in books? While domestic, farm and zoo animals make for fun reading, there are so many more complex, wonderous animals to discover!

Animal Eyes is a children’s book series exploring the daily lives of earth’s unique animals written in a fun, playful way from the animal’s point of view that engages and teaches children ages 2-8. To make the rhyming stories compelling and engaging, the eyes of each animal will be hidden on every page and each book will have its own web page at for further learning and exploration.

– Jeri Vespoli, Author